Influencer marketing may seem new right now, but it isn’t new at all. People were already influenced by a leader of a group 100 years ago. It has been happening for a long time, we have just been thinking about it and defining it differently. Celebrities, athletes, and leaders were the main influencers in their respective fields and a brand would partner with these individuals to promote their service offering. 

What has made influencer marketing unique in the present is how social media communication has given anyone and everyone the opportunity to share their voice. You would probably think that anyone with access to the internet and a camera can become an influencer. It’s much more than that. Becoming an influencer takes quite some time, it’s all about relationship building with your followers and creating engaging content on a daily basis. You have to find your niche and be able to make a difference in a saturated market of millions of influencers. Only a few will stand out and these individuals will rise above the rest in following, engagement and content creation.

Influencers who stand out have the influence to engage with their followers. They are able to promote brands, activate people and create awareness by sharing their lifestyles. There is no such thing as influencer marketing. They stand one on one in contact with consumers who trust influencers more than brands. You can directly see the results and the response of your brand. What we love about influencer marketing is that you can reach a very specific target group of people.