Finding the right influencer for your brand is similar to dating. Only a perfect match will give both parties the desired outcome of a first date. You can imagine that it’s very time-consuming to reach out to influencers manually. Finding the right ones just takes quite some time. With Influentials’ marketplace you are able to post a campaign online and influencers will come to you. All you have to do is to select the right ones who fit your profile.

Let me give you some tips to find your right match:

1. Relevance
Look for influencers who discuss topics that are relevant for your product. If an influencer normally only posts food-related content and suddenly recommends your new fashion line, it doesn’t seem honest. Consumers shouldn’t be surprised that they’re seeing an influencer they follow on Instagram post about your brand.

2. Authenticity
Authenticity in influencer marketing comes down to three things: your brand objectives, influencer vision, and audience connection. A genuine mention of a product or service is far more trustworthy than a product review. Don’t think you as a brand know what’s best, but give influencers the creative freedom to create the best content possible.

3. Engagement
When selecting influencers, keep in mind that the percentage of followers that connects with the content shows you how successful your campaign is. Don’t go for the biggest reach, but look for influencers with a high engagement rate.

4. Quality
The content quality of an Instagram post, vlog or blog should fit your brand and campaign standards. Look closely at the feed of an influencer to get a feeling of the content that influencer makes. When starting a collaboration, make sure you offer a complete briefing explaining your expectations. But again, keep in mind the creative freedom of the influencers you work with!

5. Relationship
Working with influencers should be viewed as extending beyond a single campaign. To get the most out of a collaboration, you should invest in long-term influencer relationships. Just as a normal relationship, it takes time, organization and a lot of effort to maintain it. Building influencer relationships must, therefore, be part of your marketing strategy.