A person who has a large online following can share content that influences their network’s opinion about a brand. This given makes influencers highly valuable within the social media landscape. You as a brand should recognize the power of working with people who are influential online because through them you are able to participate in the conversation they have with their audience. Influencers can reach a targeted audience better, faster and cheaper than you can.

Influencers opinions are trusted by their audience, which makes influencer marketing more effective than advertising. You should, therefore, cooperate with an influencer the same way you would with a magazine or with a television show. If you want an influencer to take time creating content about your brand and share it with their followers, you should reward them for it.

Influencers are business people. They are professional content creators that have spent time building their audience and engaging with their followers and should be thought of as a genuine business partner. Barter deals or coupons don’t always cover the effort that goes into creating great content. Influencers deserve a compensation that is relative to the value they provide. When you ask influencers to create content or attend events, payment should be considered as a fair exchange for taking someone’s time and effort.