The chaos about #spon has been the talk of the day lately. It is not always clear for followers when a video or photo of an influencer is sponsored.

Sponsored products in a video or photo of an influencer are more common these days. But for many influencers, it is not clear how they can comply with the transparency regarding the rules about #spon. In the Advertising Code of Social Media, there are certain rules to create more transparency and clarity around sponsored content.

​​What you will see, is that many influencers still ignore the rules or simply do not know that these rules are taken more and more seriously. In the US and UK, there is already a stricter legislation than in the Netherlands. It is important that the advertising activities must simply be recognizable. Advertising in a blog or photo on social media is very attractive and effective, but it should not mislead the viewer and reader.

Both the influencers and the brand can get in trouble (even including fines) if they forgot to put down a simple hashtag about sponsored items. Ultimately, the brand is responsible for the influencer with whom they have a contract.

We also understand that sometimes it does not quite fit the story to make it clear that some items are sponsored. Yet it is important to be clear about this. You will notice that not only the followers appreciate this fairness, but also that more and more influencers are starting to see that #spon is just hip and trendy.