My driving forces are freedom, creativity, and adventure. Three basic elements that probably count for every entrepreneur. A big reason why I chose to follow my own path. It was a hard but wise decision to say no to the Tesla job. But what’s next?

I decided to move to Miami, to get a job at my favorite restaurant Juvia and to continue blogging. Juvia was the new big thing in Miami. A rooftop restaurant with view over all the city. They won an award for best and upcoming restaurant of The States. You can imagine that this place was packed. Night overnight.

Me as Hostesse had to manage all these rich people who didn’t want to wait on the list for at least 2 hours. Waiving with dollar bills to get the best table of the house. I was almost like a gatekeeper who had to say no to all those people.

Men, I learned what hard working was. Walking on heels in a dress for 12-14 hours per day. You know how it works in The States. One day you’re in and the next day you’re out if you don’t work hard. I spent blogging in my spare time because I loved creating content about the Miami Lifestyle.

At the same time, I saw an emerging market of blogging growing into a real business. The world of online media was rapidly changing and bloggers were leading in content marketing. The biggest challenge for bloggers out there was attracting more visitors to their blogs. In fact, I was experiencing this myself. That’s why I started my first start-up ‘ilovefashionbloggers’ to help upcoming bloggers to generate more traffic and to make a real income out of what they love.