When my parents came to visit me in Miami, we talked about my future plans. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, meaning that were raised very performance driven and that you always have to get the maximum out of what you do.

This might sound harsh to strive for the best every day. At the end, it’s just very important in life that you have created a roadmap for yourself that you can follow. Whether you want to be a teacher, make-up artist or an entrepreneur. Know where your spot is on the horizon, draw out your path and go for it.

When my parents asked me about my plans and what I wanted in life, I told them that I wanted to move back to The Netherlands to start my first company ilovefashionbloggers. Luckily, I was prepared with a powerpoint presentation. The idea of ilovefashionbloggers had been in my mind for a while and I started to work all my ideas out into a presentation. It really helped me define my business idea into a plan with core values and strategy. Explaining myself and others why I’m starting this business, for whom and how I would run it.

Not knowing that I was challenging myself to create a light version of my business plan, the essence of your company. A very fun process where you look into your proposition. In the tech industry, we call this presentation a Pitch Deck. It’s basically a brief presentation, often created using PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi, used to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan. You will usually use your pitch deck during face-to-face or online meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders.

I can imagine that you don’t know where to start. Usually, a pitch deck contains around 11 – 12 slides. Investors are busy so stick to the point, you don’t want to waist their time. Let me help you out:

    Start with an introduction first. Who are you and why you’re here? Keep it short and sweet.
  2. TEAM
    Show the people behind the master idea and briefly describe their role and experience.
    What problem are you trying to solve? Is it really a problem?
    What makes your solution special? How are you different from others? Why should they believe in you?
    Describe how you are planning to solve the problem and why this would work.
    How does your product or service work? Do you have some mock-ups? Show some examples.
    Do you already have a measurable set of customers that serve to prove a potential?
    Know or at least attempt to predict, the size of your target market.
    Who are your competitors and why are you better?
    How are you planning to make money? Show a schedule when you start to make revenue.
    How much money are you raising? How are you going to spend it?
    Leave your contact details and let people know how to reach you quickly.

You can leave a comment if you have questions or check this website when you are looking for inspiration. Do research on how big start-ups like Airbnb or Tinder created their first decks.

Good luck!