Soap Treatment Store approached me recently to throw a small get-together. I invited 10 entrepreneurial females whom I’ve worked with in the past. There was a mix of people from different industries and -expertizes. From styling and photography to lead generation.

There was a great vibe going on. While we were enjoying mani’s and pedi’s at Soap Rotterdam we were getting to know each other. It’s cool to see how each one of us is concurring the world in their own way. Currently I’m not part of a business club. The problem is that most business clubs have members from a different generation and just think differently..

I always missed a group of like-minded people around me from the same age who share the same energy. That’s how ‘Invite Only’ just started. We decided to give this get-together a name. Next week I will be meeting Fenna to talk about our future plans for our own business club. More soon… 😉