Influencers took a hit with the change of algorithm on Facebook & Instagram recently. However, reports said that the change of algorithm would lead to hit the business harder than the influencers.

The change of this algorithm has an effect on the Top- Influencers as well as the Micro-Influencers. Different Instagram pages were worried about how the algorithm changes have an effect on their profile.


Some influencers made Instagram stories with a POLL to analyze if their followers got to see their post on the timeline. Instagram threw out the chronological timeline a while ago, but the number of variables is increasing significantly. The more variables the smaller the chance is that all these variables have a positive effect on your page. All this is calculating chances… aka allot of math. We get is Facebook…you smart! Instagram is focused most on the engagement, not just like’s but also on comments. Therefore these influencers are giving their loyal followers a to-do list to continue to see their post:

1. Search name in search bar
2. Turn on post notifications
3. Like & Comment on (at least 10) pictures

Check if your engagement has been damaged by the algorithm change and see how you could engage with your followers. As mentioned in an article in Forbes by Keenan BeasleyOur conclusion was this: What’s bad for businesses is good for Influencers. With new regulations on data (see GDPR)and less material from media outlets and businesses organically making Facebook users feeds, the stock of Social influencers will continue to rise.”

I hope this article eased your stress on engagement. Just for clarity, we cannot boycott the algorithm. We can just work around it and with it. Its human to not accept change right away, but just like all the other updates.

We will get true this!