1. When did you launch your first company?
That was in 2012 when I founded ilovefashionbloggers, a platform to help emerging bloggers to the top.
2. Do you have a business coach?
Yes, every founder or CEO needs a sparring partner. In my case, my dad coaches me to reach my goals. My father knows me like no other, is an entrepreneur in heart and gives me great advice.
3. What’s your motto?
Exceeding expectations in everything I do.
4. Do you have tips for starting entrepreneurs?
Work on your vision, hold on and believe in it every day. Don’t lose track and keep believing in your vision. With this energy, you will be able to rule the world. And in case of doubt… please don’t start a business.
5. Can I contact you?
Sure, I’m always happy to help other people out. You can send an email to contact@jolique.today for press inquiries, questions and/or collaborations.