Influencers have the power to reach a large audience who trust them to deliver relevant content. If done right, an influencer campaign can bring great rewards to a brand.

Here is my personal checklist for setting up a successful influencer campaign:

1. Set a goal
Define what KPIs are important to you before starting an influencer campaign. This helps you to focus your campaign goals and measure the success of your campaigns.

2. Step up your game
Consider influencer collaborations as part of your total marketing strategy. Your influencer campaigns should align with your larger strategy so that it enhances your overall brand reputation.

3. It’s not about followers
When selecting influencers, focus on engagement rate instead of reach. It means more when a strong percentage of the follower base genuinely connects with the content an influencer creates.

4. Match made in heaven
Find the perfect match between a brand and an influencer to guarantee authenticity. Consumers shouldn’t be surprised that they’re seeing an influencer they follow on Instagram post about your brand.

5. Authenticity is key
Invest in long-term influencer relationships by making them ambassadors for your brand. Consumers see right through the promotion when the content doesn’t feel like a true partnership.

6. The right compensation
Reward influencers in relation to the assignment. Whatever the reward is, you must offer something that will empower them to create high-quality content.

7. Just to make sure
Set up a binding agreement to prevent misunderstandings. This is the best way to ensure that the partnership is beneficial and executed well for all parties involved.

8. Do’s and don’ts
Make sure you form a clear campaign briefing. Don’t be afraid to say what you do and do not want from an influencer – the more details you include, the more credible the content will be.

9.You’re an influencer
Curate your own feed by reposting the unique content created for you by influencers. Using this content will help attract fresh eyes to your own social media channels.

10. Track performance
Use the right tools to make influencer marketing more manageable and insightful. Safe crucial time and let technology help you discover and engage influencers for your brand objectives.